Stock Avaiability

Production has commenced. Pre-Orders can be accepted and an estimate ETD will be offered. Craft will be reserved by deposit.

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Launch Offer Pricing:

Trident 5000 no camera - R19499

Trident 5000 with Tilt camera - R21999

Low Profile

Optional Camera

Optional colours

Efficient Motors

Aerodynamic Design

Waterproof Main Electronics

Long Flytime

Big lift Power


Bait load - 3.5kg max

Craft weight with battery- 2.5kg

Flytime - 23  mins at sealevel, no load

500M distance

30M altitude

Bait release system included


Number of Drops to 400M (ideal conditions)

1.0kg - 7 drops

2.0kg - 5 drops

3.5kg - 3 drops

In stronger winds above 20 kph, reduce the drop count by 1 unit.


Safety Features

1. Self protect - low battery RTH (Return to Launch)

2. Self protect - auto bait drop on low battery and RTH

3. Launch prevention on low battery

4. Magnetic Monitoring for possible interference

5. Signal loss protection - RTH with signal loss

6. Overload protection  - thrust loss warning

7. GPS glitch protection


Other Features

1. Simple mode or APP mode

2. Dust covers over radio sticks

3. Click to save Favourite Dropone (Auto return to same spot)

4. Anti-Pendulum flight mode to reduce bait swinging

5. Auto flight mode for auto flight to drop-zone

6. Up to 20 satellites connection

7. Optional 720p reef spotting camera - camera tilt operation from remote box.

8.Waterproof main electronics under canopy

9. Modern Auto-Pilot installed for un-matched flight stability in all wind conditions

10. Additional flotation installed internally

11. Ability to take-off from smooth water if landed

12. 50kph wind resistance

13. High power ACDC charger included

14. Backpack included

15. Long range radio control system

16. User adjustable parameters

17.Real-time video transmission to phone using APP

18.Faster return to launch speed off water (48kph)

19.Blackbox Lifetime data recording and analysis

20.Lost drone beacon installed - with app use.

21. Full mission planning if needed.

22. Height and distance barrier protection

23. Flight timer

24. Auto motor stop on RTH landings

25. GPS glitch protection

26. Carbon fibre props with Quick release mechanism


Service Support

Video tutorials - 

Telephone Support

Remote computer support

Flight analysis support

Flight training support

Product info updates via FACEBOOK pages

Full-time KZN Cuta-Copter Branch

Full-Time Gauteng Branch

CAPE TOWN branch opening soon.