Care Package on-line Application

Care Package on-line Application

12 Month Extended Warranty and Care-Package

1.      The care package applies to NEW Cuta-Copter craft bought from Cuta-Copter or from an approved dealer.

2.      Purchase date and original invoice number must be included with the Care-Pack application form.

3.      This is not insurance cover, but a service package for Cuta-Copter clients.

4.      The package includes the following benefit:

a.      If your Cuta-Copter is lost in use, you will be able to replace it at the very low cost as quoted at time of claim.

b. 2 FREE Electronic health checks.

The original REMOTE-CONTROL UNIT must be returned for pairing with the new craft.

6.      The replacement craft will not include a battery, charger or bag OR ANY OTHER accessories.

7.      The care package DOES NOT COVER THEFT. Please arrange your own theft insurance. If the drone is stolen, the care package does not cover anything.

8.      If a care packaged is claimed, the replaced craft can also be covered if a new care package is purchased for it. (R1450)

9.      A lead time of  up to 10 working days is required to replace a craft.

10. Clients are responsible for shipping fees to and from Cuta-Copter Head Office.

11. To qualify for the care package, the client is required to pay R1450 within 30 days of the date of purchase and submit the on-line application. Please call to check that your application is received.

12. If clients are unsure of how the care-package works, they should please contact 083 269 6785  and ask for Gary McDonogh.

13. The Care package is designed to fairly benefit Cuta-Copter customers.  It is recognised that some people will try to abuse the system.  We would like you to understand the offer and only participate if you are willing to agree at time of purchase to the terms and conditions.

14. This offer is only valid to clients that have purchased the care-package and signed the terms and conditions.

15. The validity of the Care package is 12 months from date of purchase. It can be renewed annually.

16. The offer is not open to interpretation. Please do not participate if you feel that it has no value to you.

17. Only valid in South Africa.

18. If you sell your Cuta-Copter to a 3rd party, the care package will be null and void. The new owner will have to purchase their own CARE PACKAGE.

19. The care-package is not transferrable. If you sell your craft the new owner will have to purchase their own care-package.

20. The 12month extended warranty and Care package must be activated within 30 days of date of purchase (R1450.00 fee.)


The Care Package will be VOIDED if the drone is operated in any restricted area.

Make payment to :

ABSA, G McDonogh

ACC: 4042721010

Send Proof of pmt to :