Model: GR2205
KV: 2300kv
Weight: Approx. 29g with wires
Wire AWG: 20AWG
Cable length: 70mm
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Height: 5mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Motor Diameter: 28mm
Motor Height: 33mm
Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 - 16.8v)



1. The best effect and the best thrust of the accelerator is about 70%.
2. Using N45SH magnet, both to ensure that the torque, not to lose magnetism
3. 3.5 mm aluminum flange lock nut, very light
4. Japan NMB bearings to ensure excellent operation of the motor
5. M3 *6 mm YFS screw
6. High temperature line 180℃