Features and Benefits

of the Cuta-Copter

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Reasons to choose


1. The only fishing drone that can fly out 2 lines in one flight - optional installation

2. Can be ordered in your own CUSTOMISED colour scheme.

3. Purpose designed for fishing. – robust, rugged and powerful.

4. Low profile design prevents falling over on landing.

5. Carbon props to avoid breakage and more stable.

6. Bait box option available.

7. Very low running cost - battery price is reasonable.

8. Auto-Pilot functions

9. Expandable – can add reef-spotting camera.

10. Visibilty – very easy to see

11. Ease of use.

12. High load carrying ability - up to 2kg bait load.

Vs Bait boat…..

  1. No need to get wet
  2. Very fast
  3. No line tangle in boat prop.
  4. Larger baits
  5. Not affected by rip currents
  6. Can launch from rocks
  7. Not affected by large waves
  8. Easier to carry. – one man use

Cuta-Copter training video



How to use the Cr-X1 Charger


Cuta-Copter Revo M3 Launch

Cuta-Copter Basic Demo

This Video shows the old original Mk1 Product.


Click below.

The New Revo M3 and Hammerhead V2 are now available.

Hammerhead V2 Revo M3

Cuta-Copter lifting Power



Easiest Fishing Copter to Land


Camera APP and instructions

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Attaching, using, dropping the trace

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Advance Flying Techniques

and other flying FAQ

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