Backpack included

Everything you need is included in the backpack


-remote, quick release props,

-electronic bait drop mechanism,

-cables for APP and Video,


-battery checker

-720p fixed reef spotting camera. Video recording via APP.

Main electronics are in a waterproof seal under the canopy.


The Android phone APP is included. This has the "Lost drone beacon" feature included

App displays:

1. Distance, Height, Battery level, Satellite count

2. App gives verbal information so that looking at screen not required

3. App works with bluetooth connection up to 20M away

The "easy attach" sling bait dropper works with a waterproof servo motor.

The Backpack is adjustable for easy comfort.

The charger is AC/DC, so can be used at home or from your vehicle.

EX1 with T10 Radio

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Safety features and reliability is the core of the Cuta-Copter Ex1. This is achieved by using the modern Pixhawk 4 flight controller.

The on-board black-box flight recorder tracks the lifetime of your drone.

The unique AUTO BAIT DROP on low battery puts it into a class of its own.

The Cuta-Copter can be used by anyone. If your needs are basic or you want to harness the power of Pixhawk, the built in reliability will keep you flying.

We ship worldwide.

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