Ex-1 Specs

Features and Benefits - what makes it better.

Fishing drones are not just about how big bait it can lift or how long it can fly.  At Cuta-Copter we decided to modernize the electronics by installing the most modern Auto-pilot, to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability.

Of course our older model like the Matrix 2 still uses the old Naza type auto-pilot for very basic features and reduced price.

The Feature list below shows the power of Pixhawk. It is simply the best Auto-Pilot for a fishing drone with the best international user support.

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Weight with battery 2.3kg
Wind Rating Typical Maximum 40kph
Wind Rating Peak Gusts 50kph
Compatible Propellers 13"
Bait load 2kg
Transmission Distance 1.5km
Video Transmission Range 1km
IP Class IP67 (Main Compartment) 
REMOTE PROTECTION Dust covers on Gimbals

Yes - This is a height and distance limit that can be set by the user via the wireless APP.



Yes. Digital video replaces analog 5G and means that multiple drones can be flying without interference. Old 5G style video can result in video ghosting and bad video.



lipo 5000mah. The battery box can take bigger battery sizes.



720p fixed reef spotting. The camera is angled at around 50'. This means that a good view into the water is seen whilst flying forward.


Radio Frequency 2.4Ghz
Satellite Fix 'GNSS'

3 Concurrent - GPS/GLONASS/ BeiDouh/Galileo

The GPS receiver can aquire information from 3 protocols. This makes it the best GPS receiver available for drones.

Waterproof Bait release Yes
Carry Case Padded backpack and carry handle
Remote battery life

Lion 18650 battery is included. Up to 20 hours of remote time is achieved.


Flight Modes


These are the basic flight modes of any drone. There are 7 other modes available for advanced users.

Other Flight Modes

Follow me mode - this is a standard feature which allows use on a boat. It means that the drone will come back to the user holding the remote, no matter how the boat has drifted from the original launch site.


Safety Features  
Return to Land - Altitude Breach

Yes - this is means that the drone will return to land if the pilot exceeds that height restriction. Only on Pixhawk Auto-pilot.


Return to Land - Loss of Signal

Yes - if the battery on the remote goes flat, or you drop the remote into water, the drone will return to launch safely.


Return to Land - Low Battery

Yes. When the drone battery reaches a pre-set level, the drone will return home to land safely on the launch area.

This is a top request from anglers.

Self protect (Low battery auto release of bait)

Yes - This feature is unique to Cuta-Copter.  The bait will auto-release on low battery level.  This means that the load on the craft is released so that more battery power is available for a safe auto-return to the launch site.

Top request from anglers.


Self protect (Loss of signal auto release of bait)

Yes - If your drone loses remote signal for any reason, the bait load will auto-drop and the drone will fly back to land safely on the launch site.


Thrust Loss detection - (Auto bait drop)

Yes - This is unique to Cuta-Copter. The auto-pilot can detect if you have overloaded the craft.  It will automatically enter a failsafe mode and release the load.


Reduce-Pendulum Mode with GPS

Yes - When using the POS-HOLD flight mode, the drone will decelerate more slowly to reduce the swinging action of the bait. This reduces the pendulum effect and offers safer flying. 


Voice prompts and warnings

Yes - The phone app has audible voice info. This means that you can keep your eyes on the drone, but still hear all the info you need.


Launch prevention low battery

Yes - Unique to Cuta-Copter. This is a system auto-check. The drone checks the battery condition automatically for you, so that it will not launch if it detects a low battery before flight.  


Magnetic Interference monitoring

Yes - Unique to Cuta-Copter. The APP allows you to check for magnetic interference in the immediate area before you launch.

Magnetic interference is not good.

Vibration monitoring and compensation

Yes - the auto-pilot will detect if you have installed un-balanced props and warn with a message. The system can compensate for a vibration problem and allow you to and safely.


GPS Glitch Alert

Yes - Unique to Cuta-Copter. If for any reason, the system loses minimum satelites, it will warn you in whilst its algorhythm predicts its safe position. This will give you lead time to manually land the drone if required.


World Magnetic Database

Yes - this allows for auto-compass calibration.



Yes - This means that you do not need to calibrate the compass when you change location. The drone will do it automatically, using the world magnetic database.  Only calibrate if  your drone hovers in a circle.



Yes - The black box on-board records all flying data including the total fly time. If you ever need to sell your drone, you can prove its fly-time by analyzing the data.


DOUBLE GYRO, DOUBLE ACC, DOUBLE COMPASS Yes - This is included on the PIXHAWK 4only. These double features means that your drone is protected by an extra layer of sensors.
Battery Level, Satellite count Yes - displayed on APP and voice info
Airspeed, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed display Yes - user selectable in the APP
Drone Flight Direction indicator

Yes - when using the APP, the direction of the drone is shown with an arrow.


Map Display Yes 
Heading Lock and course lock

Yes - these additional simple modes can be user activated wirelessly via the APP


Mission Planning

Yes - using the APP editor, any mission can be planned quickly.


FAVOURITE DROP ZONE GPS Fishing spot saving

Yes - your favourite drop zone can be saved and used later via the APP.  Also, you can save the same spot (waypoint) just by using a switch on the remote.


Wireless Accelerometer Calibration

Yes - on all drones the ACC needs to be occasionally checked. The EX1 can do this wirelessly with no computer required. This means that it can be done on the beach if needed.


Tap to Arm motors Yes - via phone app
Tap to Launch Yes - via phone app
Tap to Return to Home Yes - via phone app
Flight time display Yes
Voice prompts and warnings Yes
Boat Landing mode (Come to Me) Yes
Follow me mode Yes
Black Box Flight data recording

Yes - all flight data is recorded.  This means that a qualified agent can assess any incident to determine its cause.



Yes. UNIQUE to Cuta-Copter. The user can set the speed that the drone leaves the water.


Speed Cruise Control (LOIT MODE), User Adjust

Yes - Cruise control mode or Loiter means that the drone will not exceed a pre-set speed. This speed is user adjustable to suit the needs of the pilot.



Yes - some drones just auto-land too slowly.  The Ex1 landing speed can be adjusted in multiple ways so that battery life is conserved.



YES - via the APP, the GPS co-ordinates are displayed so that they can be used to locate a drone that may be lost in flight. Included as STD in the EX1.



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