PRICE : R9999.00

Size : 380 diameter

Bait lift : 1000grm @ sealevel


Low battery protection landing.

High speed mode available

No flip design

3300 MAH 4S

6 channel remote

The patented Cuta-Copter design makes it the easiest to use Bait Copter in the world.

 Specifications can change without notice.


The Cuta-Copter CARP MASTER is a COMPACT bait copter.  It can lift 1000grm safely at sea-level with power to spare.  

It is designed for the needs of the Bank Angler however can easily be used at the sea.

It includes  our safe dacron release line for easy use.

The low profile means that it is impossible to flip, even on un-level surfaces.  This is as easy to use as its bigger brothers the Hammerhead and Revo.


Eagle Dream

African Grass