Carbon GEP-IX5 Frame

Carbon GEP-IX5 Frame


GEP-IX5, is our new frame, called “Fairy”. 5 inch props, wheelbase is 200mm.
“Fairy” is suitable for racing, the “True X” structure, wheelbase only the 200mm, the 5 inch props.
Tail lights integrated 6 bright LED tail lights and the buzzer. LED tail lights support that FC (Betaflight / CleanFlight) control the color and the condition of the lights.
The biggest feature is in the nose of this frame, used the 3D TPU printing and the camera mount designed by 35 degree angle inclination. It can extremely reduce the wind resistance.


Wheelbase:200mm(motor to motor diagonal)
Adjustable lens:0-50 degree
Arms board:4mm
Sider board:2mm
Top board:1.5mm
Bottom board:1.5mm

Flight Controller:F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305
Battery: 4S 1300mAh


1. High strength 3K carbon board to ensure that the frame is strong.
2. Camera mount designed 35 degree angle inclination, esay to installation the Gorpo, Session.
3. 3D TPU printing in the nose of this frame, extremely reduce the wind resistance.
4. 5 inch, wheelbase is 200mm, so small.
5. Motor mount designed protection structure, to reduce the extent of motors’ injury in most cases.
6. “X” structure, good mobility.
7. Strong and beautiful structure, light weight (118g, including all fixed parts).
8. Adjustable lens, 0-55 degree
9. With a PDB, with a BEC (5/12v output, maximum 3A, maximum 500mA)

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