Archer X5 5inch FPV Racing Frame

Archer X5 5inch FPV Racing Frame



The iFlight Archer X5, as the term suggests, it is a frame that focusing on racing speed and response.

As pilots all knew that, in drone racing, speed and response are counts a lot. The Archer Stretched X designed to go faster and provide extra stability in corners.

The Archer is compatible with the latest generation FPV racing equipment on the market.


The 6mm thickness and 7mm wideness slim arms design durability and less drag during racing, this improves the propulsion system efficiency dramatically, the Archer X5 has very responsive handling.


- 5" Platform
- Stretched X design 
- Designed for Durability
- Lightweight 75.2g included hardware
- 30x30 and 20x20 stack bolt patterns
- 6mm Slim racing arms with "Power-Lock"
- LiPo strap routing
- 3D printed parts available
- Chamfered edges on the 6mm arms


- Wheelbase: 218mm
- Top plate:2mm
- Bottom plate:2mm
- Upper plate:2mm
- Arm thickness:6mm thick carbon arms
- Arm wideness:7mm
- Propeller size: 5" propeller
- Weight: Approx 75.2 grams
- 3-hole motor mounts
- Camera mount plate distance:19mm
- 4-in-1 or AIO ESC recommended

Package included:

1 x Complete Frame Kit
1 x Anti-slip silicon pad for Battery
2 x Screw, standoff accessory bag

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